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    How Counselling works and helps

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    Counselling involves talking to a trained professional (a Counsellor or psychotherapist) about your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour.

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    Safe Space

    You are provided with a safe time and place to talk to someone like me who wouldn’t judge you but
    support you to make sense of what is going on around you to understand yourself better.

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    Great support

    Support from the therapeutic relationship will help you observe unhelpful patterns in how you think or act and find ways to resolve them.

    What to expect from counselling


    Counselling can be a great relief mechanism to share your concerns and fears with someone who acknowledges your feelings as well as help you reach a positive solution.

    Open environment

    You will be encouraged to express your feelings, emotions and discuss your worries with me. We will explore how to help you gain a better understanding of your feelings and thought processes, as well as identify ways of finding your own solutions to problems.


    As an integrative counsellor, you will not be limited to one type of Therapy.
    Therapies applied in the Counselling sessions will be based on my knowledge and skills and most importantly the issues we are exploring together. I will apply the most suitable form of Therapy for your benefit.